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Wake up to a refreshed, hydrated, radiant glow! A blend of 25 different Ayurvedic oils and herbs formulated to help your skin look young and healthy.  Kumkuma means Saffron, which is the main ingreiednt of this oil.  Kumkumadi Tailam in Ayurveda has been described as a "Miraculous Elixir."


Ayurvedic KumKumadi Oil is an authentic formulation made from pure Kashmire saffron and other unique potent ayurvedic ingredients essential for glowing complextion, diminishes appearnce of scars, blemishes and aids in acne breakouts and pimples.  


Note:  This oil is made with saffron flowers and carrier a strong aroma of saffron.  You will smell the fragrance around you after the application of the product too. The natural aroma will take some time getting use to, but we promise the benefits are worth it!


SKU: KumKumadi Oil
  • Seseame Seed Oil, (Ayurvedic Infused Saffron, Red Sandalwood, Lac, Indian Madder, Licorice, Indian Barberry, Vetiver, Wild Himalayan Cherry, Blue Water Lily, Indian Banyan, Java Fig, Indian Lotus Saffron, Bael, Dusky Fire Brand Bark, Indian Trumpet Flower, Gambhari, Patala, Shalaarni, Uraria Picta, Gokshur, Brihati, Yellow Berried Nightshade, Mahua, Sappanwood), Unrefined Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil

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