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Created Out Of Necessity

When our daughter was four years old, she started to develop scaling red patches on her scalp.  They would peel, bleed, scab over constantly, but never healed completely.  We believe she had scalp psoriasis.  We decided against taking her to the doctor because the usual prescription back then was an adult steroid cream or harsh shampoo.  Her skin was as old as she was and didn't want to subject her system to such harsh chemicals.  We tried other natural shampoo and conditioners but found that they only made the situation worse because they focused on softening and making the hair more manageable. We had a skin problem not a hair problem. 

In my immense internet search, I came across the term Ayurveda Philosophy and Medicine.  Ayurveda is based on the belief that health and wellness depends on a delicate interconnection between the mind, body and spirit.  It states that a balance of the three forces equals health, while imbalance equals disease.  From the concept I took the idea that if I created a healthy environment on her scalp, the body would be able to combat the imbalance that were creating the scaly patches.    

I created a haircare routine specifically for her to restore the pH balance of her scalp.  I took away all commercially bought shampoo and conditioners and created them from natural ingredients in my kitchen and grocery store.   


Within 4 months the patches had all healed and her hair was growing healthier than ever before. She is a teenager.  She prefers to use shampoo and conditioner.  She will do the clarifying hair cleanser once a month and always ends with an apple cider vinegar rinse.  When she finds the the beginnings of a patch she will do spot treatments with apple cider vinegar mix and cotton swab and oil massages.  

From that experience I felt that there was an opportunity to create line of products loosely based on the Ayurveda way of thinking by eliminating as many harsh chemicals and fragrances as possible that is applied onto the skin.  Chemicals can cause breakouts and other skin irritation. Natural skin care products are gentler on the skin, using essential oils for aroma adds therapeutic and health benefits.  The best natural skin care is fragrance free to ensure that more chemicals aren't absorbed through the body. Not only is natural skin care better for your body, it's also better for the environment. 


Welcome to Peace of Nature

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