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Collection Includes:

3.8oz Organic Jojoba Cleansing Oil

1.5oz Turmeric Sandalwood Face Mask Powder

4oz Rose Toner with Apple Cider Vinegar

2oz Bakuchiol Moisturizng Face Cream

1oz KumKumadi Radiant Face Oil


Ingredients: Please see individual listing for ingredients


SKU: Troubled Skin FFC
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$109.80Sale Price
  • Night Routine:

    Step 1 - Jojoba Cleansing Oil. Use warm wash cloth to wipe away and pat skin dry


    Step 2 - Turmeric Sandalwood Face Mask (1 to 2 times a week).  Mix with enough water, toner, yogurt to create a paste.  Apply to face and allow to dry, about 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse off and pat skin dry.


    Stept 2. or 3 - Apply Rose/Apple Cider Vinegar Toner


    Stept 4 - KumKumadi Radiant Face Oil.  Apply while skin is still damp from toner.  Massage into skin untill absorbed.  May use gua sha stone or roller for more intense massaging. 


    My Opinion: If you cleanse your skin at night and apply your skin care regime, your skin does all it’s ‘repair work’ while you sleep.  Your skin works hard all night building its own natural barrier against the world (a layer of helpful oils keeps skin soft), so why strip it all away as soon as you wake up with a face wash? Washing your face in the morning can strip your natural defense barrier. Then it will spend the rest of the day trying to build it again.


    Day Routine:

    Step 1 -  Rinse your face with a few splashes of tepid to cool water.

    If you have extremely oily or acne prone skin, cleansing in the morning with a gentle cleanser such as one of Coconut Milk Soap bars can help reduce oil.  It can help kill bacteria.


    Step2.  Pat skin dry


    3.  Apply Rose/Apple Cider Vinegar Toner


    4. Bakuchiol Moisturizing Face Cream .  Best applied on damp skin. 


    You should notice glowing skin results in 4 to 6 weeks. 

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