From me and mine to you and yours... 

We all have learned to live, endure, survive so much in the past year.  We made it through and I want to send a heartfelt wish of love and light to all of those we lost in 2020 and for anyone that struggled to make it through.  I wish 2021 brings everyone joy, happiness good health and prosperity. 



First, I want to thank all of you for your support. Some of you have been with me from the very beginning, through the all the changes, good and bad.  Some of you just found us this past year, when we were forced to buy everything online. I appreciate all of you and am thankful that you chose to add Peace of Nature to your family and friends. 



Peace of Nature has been a love of mine that I have been running more as a hobby.  I have spent the last four months planning how to grow my hobby into a flourishing business while being focused on how to better serve you with our product offering.  Peace of Nature is based on Ayurvedic philosophy.  The goal is to cleanse the body and to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. I like the idea of creating a "clean" environment to allow the body to take of itself naturally.

I use natural ingredients, essential oils, clays, herbs and powders that have natural benefits for the skin. Although product formulation have not changed much, I have fallen off the path of my original idea.  I would try to create lines and scents that would go with a holiday or season.  In turn this would pull my focus away from creating a well developed skincare line. 


In the coming months of 2021, Peace of Nature will become what I had originally envisioned it to be.  An affordable, natural, clean skincare line made with quality ingredients that can be used by everyone in your family.


I will be working towards building brand awareness, increase online presence, creating monthly newsletters, and better e-mail communications.  I am researching on how to get certified as vegan and cruelty free company as well.  I am excited about my new purpose and direction. I hope you will come along with me for this excited journey!



I'm still working on making products to replenish the online store.  I expect 80% of the items should be available for purchase by early next week. 

You will noticed that I have very quietly dropped a few  new items:


All Natural Face Care Line

Nutritive Body Oil & Butters

Sugar & Salt Body Scrub

Bundle & Save

More scents and varieties to come



Expanded Men's Care

Children's Line

That's all I have this month! I wish you all a year of abundance, PEACE, joy, and happiness! 





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