body butters

Hand whipped, nutritive and moisturizing natural Body Butters are a feast for the skin.
Formulated with rich butters and oils to help moisturize and seal in moisture. 
They melt upon contact, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.
Packaged in glass jars!

Thank you for all your support and loving our Body Butters. 

We are re-working the formula so that our skin loving moisturizing

body butters hold up better to the higher temperatures of the

summer during shipping and all year long. 

Body Butters are typically created using a combination of carrier oils, essential butters and do not contain water. They are applied to retain moisture, lubricate and nourish the skin.  This means the best time to apply is just after your daily shower/bath to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all day.
Gritty Texture
Sometimes you may receive a jar of body butter that feels a little gritty.  Gritty Body Butter is the result of temperature, and only temperature malfunctions. Crystallization occurs after we melt the butters to make our product and then cools back down too slowly.  It does not affect the quality or the effectiveness of our body butters.  The grit will melt once rubbed in between your hands.
Summer Time Shipping
Our body butters may soften or melt during shipping when temperatures rise above 80 degrees.  If your butter arrives melted, to help reduce crystallization or gritty product, place your body butter in freezer for 10-15 minutes.  NOTE:  Our body butters are whipped with air to achieve their fluffy texture.  Melted butter that becomes solid again will have a more dense texture and the amount in the jar will appear less full.   
Preservative Free
Our natural Body Butters do not contain any preservatives.  We use Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Rosemary Extract to prevent the oils/butters from going rancid and oxidation.  When using, please take care not to introduce water into your butters to prevent mold/bacteria from growing.  




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